Discover the wines of Château le Payral!

It’s time ! Immerse yourself in the wine world of Château le Payral and let yourself be seduced by the diversity and quality of our wines! Rest assured, each of our ranges will offer you a unique tasting experience. Coming from an exceptional terroir located on the border of Saussignac and Bergerac, our wines capture the very essence of these renowned wine regions.


The biodynamic wine ranges of Château le Payral

Explore our extensive range of wines without added sulfites. These selections will seamlessly complement your dining experience, from appetizers to desserts !


Les traditionnels

This range of wines comes in three colors, offering freshness and aromatics meant to be enjoyed in their youth.


Les cuvées

These cuvées represent the excellence of the Bergerac appellations.


Les plus que nature

Our pursuit of authenticity has led us to produce wines that are increasingly “sober.”


Les originales

Allow yourself to be surprised by these unique creations, real stories to be savored!

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Our products are available all over the country through dozens of points of sale. From Brittany to the Île-de-France, down to the southwestern region, Payral’s products are close to you !

Not in France ? Our biodynamic wines are also exported internationally. You have no more excuses !


Château le Payral offers you four biodynamic ranges. Rest assured, there's something for every taste !

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Les traditionnels

Our “Les Traditionnels” range offers a selection of authentic wines in three colors: red, white, and rosé.

These fresh and aromatic wines reflect the richness of the local terroir. They embody the characteristics of the Saussignac and Bergerac appellations.

Les cuvées

Our “Les Cuvées” range comes from manual harvests of our oldest vines. Originating from our most exquisite terroirs, the aging process is slow and meticulously controlled in French oak barrels.

These biodynamic wines embody the excellence of the Saussignac and Bergerac appellations.


Les plus que nature

Our quest for authenticity has led us to produce wines that are increasingly “sobriety-focused.” The Cuvées Lou Payral are completely vinified and packaged without the addition of sulfites.

Les originales

Let yourself be enchanted by these unique creations, genuine stories to savor!

“Les Originales” venture off the beaten path: the Cuvée Bise is a white maceration wine, and the Cuvée Néo is a pure Malbec… Served chilled, whether as an aperitif or during a meal, they will transport you to new taste sensations…


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