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The Vineyard Lexicon of Le Payral serves as your guide to understanding our activity and the principles of biodynamic farming. Here, you’ll find various definitions of terms that you may come across on different pages of the website. If a definition isn’t clear to you or if you’d like to suggest adding a word to our lexicon, feel free to contact us.

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A set of concepts and practices that use scientific ecological knowledge for agricultural production.

A set of agricultural practices that combine trees (in various forms such as hedges, rows, groves, etc.) with crops or livestock on the same plot.

Alcoholic fermentation
A biochemical process in which sugar is converted into alcohol (ethanol) under the action of yeast.

An agricultural production system in which each farm is considered as a living organism. Biodynamic viticulture takes into account natural cycles, including lunar cycles. It uses plant-based sprays (nettle, horsetail, valerian, sage, etc.) and minerals (silica) to enhance soil life and strengthen plants.

Grape variety
A variety (or cultivar) of the grapevine (Vitis vinifera) cultivated for winemaking.

Green manure
Plants cultivated to improve soil fertility and structure. Typically a mixture of cereals, legumes, and brassicas, sown in the autumn.

Indigenous yeast
Microorganisms originating from the natural environment responsible for alcoholic fermentation of the must.

Malolactic fermentation
The transformation of malic acid into lactic acid by lactic bacteria. It contributes to improving the smoothness and aging potential of wines.

Natural wine
Wine made without synthetic chemicals or oenological additives, produced from organic grapes, and without sulfites on our estate.

Orange wine
White wine made in a manner similar to red wine, fermenting the white grapes with their skins and sometimes stems.

Organic agriculture
An environmentally and animal-friendly production method that prohibits the use of chemical inputs and GMOs.

Selected yeast
Commercial yeast strains added to the must to initiate alcoholic fermentation.

Sulfur dioxide used in winemaking for its antiseptic and antioxidant qualities.