Where to find Château le Payral wines in France and internationally ?

Captivated by one of our ranges ? Find Château le Payral’s biodynamic wines at one of our partners.

Our products are available all over the country through dozens of retail outlets. From Brittany, through the Île-de-France, to the greater Southwest, Château le Payral’s products are near you ! Don’t reside in France? Our biodynamic wines are exported internationally. You’re out of excuses now!


Our distribution points in France

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste our wines without added sulfites. Thanks to our extensive distribution network and carefully selected partners, you can easily find our products near you. Don’t hesitate any longer, explore our map of physical retail locations and treat yourself to a unique tasting experience with Château Le Payral wines.

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Whether you want to know more about our history, our biodynamic production methods, or if you have specific questions about our ranges, we’re here to address all your inquiries and guide you through the discovery of Château le Payral!

Our distribution points around the world

You live abroad ? No problem ! Our sulfite-free wines are also available internationally, allowing you to experience the essence of our terroir no matter where you are in the world.


Discover our selection of Saussignac wines !

It’s time! Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity and quality of our biodynamic wines from the Saussignac lands. Rest assured, each of our ranges will offer you a unique tasting experience.